Praise for Armies of Enablers

“At long last, an unflinching look at those who enable abusers, facilitate their access to children, overlook and hide their crimes, revictimize the abused and, all too often, evade scrutiny and accountability. One hopes this book shifts public attitudes, and that there can be criminal consequences for those who make this scourge possible.”
—Walter V. Robinson, Editor at Large for The Boston Globe and Editor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Spotlight Team that exposed the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal
“Amos Guiora’s new book spotlights issues that are too rarely discussed. Frequently we think of the crime of sexual assault as involving only perpetrators and victims—ignoring how powerful institutions or individuals often enable those perpetrators to assault their victims. Springboarding from cases of sexual assault at Michigan State University, the Ohio State University, and Pennsylvania State University and in USA Gymnastics and the Catholic Church, Guiora illuminates how sexual assault survivors are harmed not only by the physical acts of those who violate them but also by those who empower sexual assault through silence and other failures to act. Using multiple and revealing interviews with survivors, Guiora asks them what they expected from the enabler—and the answers are new and surprising. Guiora’s thoughtful exploration of these breaches of trust helps us understand these ‘armies of enablers,’ who too often make sexual assaults possible.”
—Paul G. Cassell, Ronald N. Boyce Presidential Professor of Criminal Law and University Distinguished Professor of Law, S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah
"Amos Guiora has captured in Armies of Enablers what happens when good people sit on the sidelines in the face of evil. His timing couldn't be better. As a critical hour has arrived in America, Professor Guiora presents to the nation and to the world too many examples where silence welds injustice because too few stood up. He answers the hard question of whether law and morality should compel action against the consequences of hatred and shows us why there can never be peace without justice."
—Avery Friedman, CNN Legal Analyst
“Guiora’s book is a powerful, eye-opening condemnation of the role that educational and religious institutions, from staff to leadership, play in enabling and facilitating sexual predation. It is also a rallying cry for meaningful action, insisting that those in power do more to protect vulnerable members of their communities—and be held accountable when they don’t. Guiora has done what university and faith leaders have so often failed to do: hear, believe, and stand with survivors in their quest to use their own experiences to help others. Armies of Enablers shines a vivid spotlight on the undeniable reality that, too often, those we entrust to protect our children and loved ones—educators, coaches, physicians, clergy, and university administrators—have not only betrayed that trust but are complicit enablers of sexual assault. Unlike so many books on sexual assault, Armies of Enablers does not focus on the harm done by the perpetrators. Instead, it explores the harm done by those who had power to stop the abuse but did nothing—or, even worse, discouraged, deceived, or punished those who reported the abuse. It is both a gut-wrenching account of survivors’ stories and a roadmap for how we can, and must, do better. Everyone who works with, and cares for, young people should heed the lessons of the stories Guiora has collected, then work to ensure that the traumatic experiences recounted here never happen again.”
—Adele Kimmel, Director, Public Justice Students’ Civil Rights Project
“We can't effectively address the damaging effects of complicity until we have a good understanding of the social and psychological dynamics of bystanders and enablers. Professor Guiora’s timely work gets to the core of the relationship between liberty, social responsibility, and lawmaking. Heeding his call for greater proactive behavior from each of us will move our culture to higher levels of safety and productivity.”
—Rep. Brian S. King, Utah State Legislature
“In The Crime of Complicity, Amos Guiora began a journey of self-discovery. Finding his voice, he challenged us all to find our own; silence is not an option. In Armies of Enablers, Guiora listens to and liberates the voices of others long silenced. We are challenged by his question that rings loud and clear: Whose side are you on?"
—Rev. Dr. John C. Lentz, Jr., Presbyterian (USA) Pastor and Community Activist
Armies Of Enablers is essential reading for our times. A deeply moving book of testimonies from survivors of sexual assault and also a brilliant expose of how the predators can only perpetrate their crimes through their individual and institutional enablers, Guiora looks at the legal and moral issues of the enabler through the lens of the survivor. The book is a heart-rending and clear call to action, giving us a concrete legal plan to help achieve the goal: ‘never again’.”
—Emily Mann, Director, Playwright, Screenwriter
“’It took a parish to molest me.’ The voices of survivors and concrete blueprints for change make Amos Guiora’s searing book about sexual assault crucial reading for leaders and members of any institution. Exposing the necessary roles of bystanders and enablers in universities and churches, Armies of Enablers details proposals for legal change to end betrayals of trust and resulting trauma. The book draws upon Guiora’s expertise on bystanders during the Holocaust and on extensive interviews with current survivors of sexual assault. Criminal liability for enablers and civil liability for failure to report abuse could crack deliberate silence and preference for ‘brand protection’ that makes people complicit with violators.”
—Martha Minow, 300th Anniversary University Professor, Harvard University and Author of Between Vengeance and Forgiveness: Facing History After Genocide and Mass Violence
"To see so many respected and responsible people in revered organizations with unfathomable blind eyes and deaf ears, failing so completely to protect vulnerable mostly child victims of the most heinous violations, is dumbfounding and infuriating. Something must be done, and Amos Guiora has a compelling recommendation. Reading this book has to instill in legislators, policymakers, and anyone who has a level of responsibility for the well-being of youth or other potential victims the courage to take action and try to put an end to these horrific nightmares.”
—Daniel H. Sharphorn, University Attorney

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