Armies of Enablers — by Amos N. Guiora

"I allowed the athletic trainers to silence me, to not allow me to share the truth. And I’m sure until the day I die I’ll have this guilt. They need to answer for what they did to me. They did nothing to help me. They had an opportunity to listen, to do something, to act, and they chose to stay quiet."
— Tiffany Thomas-Lopez, Michigan State University Softball Player/Larry Nassar Survivor

About the Book

In this new book, based on personal interviews with numerous survivors, thousands of pages of Grand Jury indictments, civil lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, special reports, and media accounts, Amos N. Guiora poses this critical question:

What do sexual assault survivors expect of the enabler-bystander?

Focusing on cases of sexual assault from USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University, Penn State University, The Ohio State University, and the Catholic Church, interview after interview sheds compelling light on two powerful responses: that this question had not been previously asked and that survivor expectation of protection and support from the enabler-bystander was rarely, if ever, met.

Clearly the perpetrator benefitted from the complicity of the enabler. From the survivor's perspective, both bear responsibility for their plight and must be held accountable. This book emphasizes individual and institutional enablers alike; in fact, armies of enablers.

With emotions ranging from deep disappointment to seething anger and extreme frustration, all articulate profound abandonment by the person in a position to assist them in the face of sexual assaults.

Guiora proposes legal, cultural, and social measures aimed at the enabler from the survivor’s perspective. The proposed changes will address, and impact, both broader society and specific communities including higher education, elite athletics, sports organizations, religious institutions, law enforcement, the entertainment industry, and elected officials.

With this book, Guiora is committed to sharing survivor stories and to propel change, which is essential to protect future survivors. Only by hearing their stories do we fully understand the power of the enabler and the pain they cause the survivor.

Their voices must propel us to change.

About the Book

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Publication Date: September 1, 2020
Paperback, 258 pages
Publisher: The American Bar Association
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